July 16, 2024

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What You Should Look for in a Tie-Down Strap

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When shopping for a good tie-down strap to secure your cargo, you really cannot afford to be remiss. The real reason for this is simply that the dangers of using a poor strap are considerable. It is not just that you could be dealing with expensive and irreparable damage if cargo dislodges from a vehicle, you could also cause a road accident or even serious injury when the vehicle is not in motion. So, if you are set to be strapping a canoe to the top of your car, some grocery bags to the back of your pick-up truck, or you need to tow a vehicle down the highway, it really is imperative that you get the best tie-down straps available.

What is a Tie-Down Strap? 

The best way to be able to shop smart when you are looking for tie-down straps is to understand what is actually meant by the term. We have all seen the straps used to secure cargo on vehicles, but these straps can come in various versions all suited to different purposes. “Tie-down strap” is in fact an umbrella term that includes all sorts of different straps and securing mechanisms. Ratchet straps and cam straps are two of the most popular tie-down straps. 

Rollercam, a company specializing in tie-down straps for all manner of purposes, say that regardless of what type of strap you decide to go with, the ultimate metric of quality will always be how securely they tie down the cargo and how durable they are over prolonged periods of time. When you consider that there is in fact an enormous amount of strain placed on tie-down straps when they are in use with heavy cargo, and that this strain is prolonged for hours and even days at a time and that tie down straps are subject to a great deal of friction as well, it’s obvious that they need to be tough and need to last. 

How to Select a Good Tie-Down Strap 

Here follows then some tips for how to make sure you select a tie-down strap that is up to the job: 

Get The Right Kind 

As mentioned above, not all tie-down straps are the same, and there are different ones available for different purposes. You could purchase a ratchet strap or a cam strap, which refers to the securing method, and the straps themselves also come in a range of lengths and widths. You need to consider what you actually want to tie down before you buy. 

Avoid Binding 

Binding refers to the tendency of some traditional ratchet straps to become almost impossible to release when they are placed under significant pressure. Depending on what you are tying down, that pressure can be incredibly significant. If your strap binds, then you will have to get out the pocket knife to release your cargo. This not only destroys the straps but will also suddenly release a strap under serious pressure. This then might lash backwards with a great degree of force. This is a danger you really want to avoid. 

Ensure Rust Resistance

The metal parts of a good tie-down strap should always be rust-resistant in some way. Rust is not just unsightly, but it literally eats away at the metal. Eventually, rusty buckles could break under pressure. 

In summary then, you need to ensure your tie-down straps are secure and durable, but also easy to release. You also want to make sure that things like rust will not degrade them over time. Ultimately, a tie-down strap needs to be reliable from the get-go.