April 15, 2024

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Tips To Ensure Cost-Effective and Safe Tour Guide


There’s no surprise that hundreds of people hold back their wish list of tours just because of the lack of savings or something as minor as not being able to find the cheap flights. As soon as we hear the word travel our brain starts doing math- how much money we need, how much have we’ve got to save, what margin we have to spend the money etc. But hardly ever it crosses our mind that we can travel and still be fixed-rate on our budget. Or even if it does, not many people tend to be gutsy enough to attempt the cheap travel tricks just because it seems unsafe. But what if one considers all the tips and tricks to ensure a cheap and safe tour? Let’s have a look. 

Who Said You Can’t Work While Traveling?

The best way not to go all out with your savings is to go all out with your work skills. Reach a new country, ponder over your skills, and start working. That way, you would quite surely keep earning and will have enough stipend to spend while you enjoy your trip. Not to forget, with working it means you can house sit, watch a farm, become a bartender, be a hostel help. All these jobs where there is no need for paper or desk work. You enjoy your trip the whole day and reach your client for fixed hours. By doing that, you can save a lot of hotel money as well since you would obviously get to rest while you house-sit for someone’s kids or work in the hostel.

Don’t Overlook The Option of Sharing Economy

There are a lot of websites working for the benefits of tourists, for example, a food share company would provide you with local chefs, or a travel share company would guide you to the local riders. Since these websites are run locally, the tour becomes affordable because residents of a place always know which inns are cheaper or what eateries have affordable and tasty food. There’s a lot of sincere guides, just look out for it.

Get Rail Passes!

Yes, cheaper than traveling on road or by air, rail ticket is a lite saver. More than just a cheaper mode of travel, a rail track is going to quench a tourist’s thirst. All the beautiful scenery on the outskirts of a foreign country is what makes a traveler’s journey worth-while. While a train track is a lot safer than highways, it just requires one thing, that is you must be on time for the train. 

Rely on Discount Cards

Don’t get laid back if you don’t see anyone else discount cards. Be confident and show the ticket guy your student/teacher card and see how the rest is taken care of. A lot of the times we unwillingly spend money just because we don’t find enough guts to ask for what is our supposed right! Use your discount cards as much as you can. 

Sleep In Economy Hotels

A trip doesn’t ever mean you need to go all bougie as a picture has been made in our minds through the internet. On the contrary, your dorm is what should be the least spent-on part of the trip. why? You go into the hotel just to sleep. That’s it. You just need a clean bed and a bathroom to yourself while you spend the rest of your day outside, what’s the point of spending loads on a four or a five-star hotel?

Always remember that a smart trip is when you live like a local. Knowing a country’s language saves you a lot. Enjoy every place like it’s your own. There’s no shame in sleeping in a dorm. Quite honestly, being on-the-go is the only thing a tourist should care about, not the food or the shopping!