May 18, 2024

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SuWit Muay Thai Camp and Boxing in Thailand for Weekend

Suwit Muay Thai | Muay Thai Camps in Thailand

Thai boxing is the ancient martial art which has excellent power, raw simplicity and maximum efficiency. It is also known as the “Art of Eight Limbs”. This martial art utilizes kicks, knees, punches, and elbows with grace and fluidity. It is the most famous and practiced widely around the whole world. It has made its name in the very fast-growing sport which is a mix of all martial arts. This martial art has a lot of history and considered as the most effective for health. Many competitions are held for this martial art and refining the art as the fastest, powerful and efficient it can be. So if someone is looking for a martial art that includes practical uses in the real world, then you should probably go for Thai boxing. Thai boxing has physical, mental and practical benefits. It increases mental toughness, social life, relieves stress, increases stamina. It also gives you great strength, speed, agility, flexibility and balance in your life.  

Muay Thai boxing training 

There are many camps held in Thailand for Muay Thai martial arts. There are a lot of trainers in Muay Thai in Thailand who can train people well. You will have an outstanding experience with them in their camps. These camps are situated on the beautiful islands. They are not even costly so that anyone can afford them. When you arrive in Thailand for Muay Thai, an excellent start to this could be to test the waters and get yourself comfortable in your surrounding environment. You can visit the gym and taste the cuisine. These training camps will get you accustomed to the people and their behavior as well the kind of gym activities they and you will know what to expect. 

1. Sitjemam Muay Thai – Pai, Thailand 

This is the best camp to learn Muay Thai. In Northern Thailand, it is in a town called Pai Thailand, which is known for its hot springs and waterfalls that enhance its tropical beauty. You can join this if you are a beginner and need a fresh start. It is a budget-friendly option and will provide you with fitness gear and many other facilities. 

2. Koh Phuket – SuWit Muay Thai Camp , Thailand 

This is again a great option to learn this art form. It lies in Koh Phuket which is the largest island of Thailand. It has palm-fringed beaches dense, mountainous rainforest and is a complete luxury package to visit on a budget. If you select this, you will be surrounded by beaches which are always a plus!  . You can check at for Muay Thai boxing detail . 

3. Battle Conquer Gym – Phetchabun, Thailand: 

This is present in Phetchabun in Northern Thailand and has many other great options to explore like bike riding, excursions, and hiking in the mountains surrounding it. Unlike the other two, this place is very secluded if you want to get away from it all, relax and self explore. Muay Thai learning here will be incredibly peaceful, and you will feel a change in yourself. 

4. Por Silaphai Muay Thai Boxing Gym – Chiang Mai, Thailand: 

This is another mountainous city in Thailand offering all kind of treats in addition to learning Muay Thai. You get top quality trainers and training all day long. It is excellent for beginners where you can learn, make friends and enjoy the weather. 

Final Thoughts: 

One should go for a training camp of Muay Thai in Thailand. They are great for your fitness and mental health.