December 1, 2022

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Stay Healthy on a Sailing Trip

Health Benefits of a Sailing Holiday | Sail Ionian Lefkada Greece : Sail  Ionian

If the motion of sea makes you queasy, your dream of a catamaran cruise round Greece might turn into a nightmare. The motion of the sea can cause motion sickness. It may produce nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and headaches.

Your sea sickness might be minor. It may, however, be incapacitating for certain individuals. Yachts provide food and drink. All of these factors may raise the likelihood of being ill. If you are prone to seasickness or have any worries, you may use the recommendations provided below.

1. Get Plenty of Fresh Air

It is preferable to avoid remaining in confined settings. You should get some fresh air and walk about. It will be quite beneficial to you. Try lying down and closing your eyes, listening to your favourite music, and attempting to relax. You must divert yourself from seasickness by resting and listening to music.

2. Concentrate on the Horizon

Keep your gaze fixed on the horizon. It is critical that you can see it rather than merely gaze at it. While your body begins to accommodate the yacht’s motion, the horizon will serve as a reference point. Try facing forward instead than sideways. It will help you acclimate more quickly. If the horizon is not visible, close your eyes to decrease the clashing feeling between the eyes and ears.

3. Avoid Caffeine

You should avoid caffeine for at least one day before travelling on a vacation. While you consume a large quantity of caffeine, you may get a momentary headache, which you do not want when you are unwell.

4. Avoid Consuming Oily Foods

You should avoid eating items that are acidic or greasy. An hour before the boat charter departs, eat something light. It indicates your stomach will have stuff to digest. Salad dressing should be avoided since it includes vinegar and may cause seasickness. When it comes to breakfast, basic foods like cereal or porridge outperform a traditional omelette and hefty egg. Ginger may also alleviate seasickness. Take it to get rid of seasickness.

5. Keep Your Distance from the Engine

When you’re aboard the boat, make sure you keep away from the engine compartment. The vehicle fumes might make you feel ill. This is particularly true while aboard a smaller boat.

6. Place the Equipment Appropriately

If you want to fish from your sailing boat, you will need the following items: • Hooks • Lines • Reels • Rods • Nets • Spears

Before you go, you must keep them on the deck. However, be certain that you retain them in the correct location. It will cut down on the amount of time you spend below deck or looking in lockers where you won’t be able to foresee the boat’s motion. Keep in mind that the sailboat moves even while it is still, particularly if it is laden with both equipment and passengers.