December 1, 2022

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Choose your ideal luxury chalet with ChaletOwners

Chalet Opale, Tignes | ChaletOwners

Luxury chalets are one of the best holiday accommodation options in many European countries. Often these are separate buildings that look like large huts and are decorated in a beautiful mountain / alpine style. The chalets are great for groups and can come with 5 or 6 days of meals.

This means you can spend more time in the mountains and then relax without having to worry about cooking, cleaning and all the other tasks that are nice to get away from while on vacation. Chalets are often referred to as home because of their warm and inviting design.

Why luxury chalets, what are their advantages? 

1.    More fun together. It’s no secret that small Austrian villages lack evening entertainment. The program of standard hotels and boarding houses usually includes only small bars. Without a doubt, in the cozy and spacious living room of your own luxurious home, a group of friends time will have much more fun.

2.    Private amenities. Premium chalets allow you to get at the disposal of its own pool, sauna, jacuzzi, vats, home theaters and even billiard tables. This is far from a complete way of additional amenities and entertainment that are available to you absolutely at any time. You can use all this and feel the real taste of life!

3.    High level of comfort. Cottages on Alpine slopes often have designer finishes and a large area can be accommodated in such a villa with much more comfort than in a small room. You can feel like a true king of the mountains!

4.    All-weather. Although Austrian chalets are most popular during the ski season, lately more and more landlords rent cottages in the summer. In the warm season, tourists are attracted by excellent ecology, the purest alpine reservoirs and rich opportunities for outdoor activities – golf, hiking, cycling, mountaineering. And all this is within walking distance from your personal luxury chalet.

5.    Suitable for travelers with family. Living in a chalet, compared to a boarding house, gives a more relaxed and predictable vacation. This is especially important for families with small children, who find it easier to organize the storage of strollers and other accessories in their own country house, as well as the necessary rest and food regimen.

Cons of luxury chalets 

It is worth saying that there are practically no cons. Well, maybe it’s just a matter of price. But the price entirely corresponds to the quality and level of comfort. Compared to standard chalets, where guests have to cook and clean the house for themselves, premium chalets deprive their customers of such duties. The cost of luxurious chalets can also include the services of a personal driver, chef, maid.

Why ChaletOwners?

The level of confidence of lovers of luxurious and comfortable rest in ChaletOwners

is increasing every year. After all, they are true professionals. The company is registered directly in the Alps, where the largest concentration of chalets of various types, formats and scales. ChaletOwners employees have independently inspected more than 200 chalets, so they are at first-hand familiar with the owners of these mountain houses.