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Forty leading companies are in  Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) / Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE). The FTSE/JSE top 40 index is a way of showing these companies’ share prices. Companies included in this index are the largest companies in the FTSE/JSE All-share index. As of June 21, 2002, the base value of the index was 10399.53. These are the indices that are highlighted in the FTSE/JSE Africa index series. The series of numbers is designed to represent the performance of companies in South Africa. The number shows the different segments of the market.

JSE All-share index today

One hundred thirty years later, JSE today has only 440 companies are listed, but these companies are far more different and represent the modern South African economy. Mining plays a big part in the stock exchange, and there are a lot of big companies in basic resources and technology.

JSE All-share index today is:


THE DAY RANGE IS 4,154.90 – 4,177.26

THE YEAR RANGE IS 3,483.13 – 4,192.03

History of Financial Time Stock Exchange (FTSE) / Johannesburg stocks exchange (JSE)

The JSE FTSE All share index is a South African capital index. It is made up of 40 of the biggest companies mentioned on the Johannesburg stock exchange. The index collaborates between the South African JSE limited and the British FTSE group, the London stock exchange company. This partnership makes JSE companies more accessible to international investors while generating significant income from JSE limited and the FTSE group. There is a list of different stock market indices based on different sectors or sizes. The JSE All share index and top 40 significantly agree with similar performance over Three months, six months, twelve months, three years, and five years, with both indices, have increased at an annualized rate of more than 8% since 2016.

The JSE All share index (ALSI) is priced in rand (ZAR). More than 30 companies in the index make up around 90% of the index’s total value.

The JSE All share index (ALSI) is not representative of the entire market. It comprises the top 164 publicly traded companies and makes up nearly all of the market’s share value and activity.

Some more well-known index is calculated in this way:

40 largest companies

60 largest companies after the top 40

15 largest financial companies

25 largest industries

Ten largest resource companies

The index is designed to develop index funds, derivatives and as a guide. To ensure that the index is investable, stocks are chosen and calculated.


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