May 21, 2024

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Hong Kong Travel Guide & Tips

Are you considering touring Hong Kong this festive season? Congratulations on making such an incredible decision. Hong Kong receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year and there are many reasons to justify its popularity – talk of its cool weather, fascinating sceneries, historical museums, modern and ancient architecture, welcoming locals, street food, nightlife, etc. Generally, Hong Kong offers more than you can afford to explore. We understand that when planning your trip to Hong Kong, you’d want to have an unforgettable experience and that’s why we are compiling this post to help you. Here we will highlight some crucial information that every person coming to Hong Kong (whether for the first time or a returning visitor) would want to know for a successful trip. By the time you will be done reading this post, you will have every piece of information needed for a superb Hong Kong tour. 

Hong Kong Travel Guide & Tips

Read these tips before you can embark on your trip to Hong Kong, China.

1.Carry Enough Cash 

There is nothing as important as carrying enough cash when traveling. Experts advise you to plan your expenditures properly as this is what will help you to determine the right amount you should carry. Other than the amount you will incur for your flights into Hong Kong, China, you will need an extra amount to pay for your accommodation, do some shopping, foodstuff, and another miscellaneous account. Don’t make the mistake of coming to Hong without enough cash to spend – if you do, you will be forced to forego some crucial things. When planning your spending plan, ensure that you know the reason why you are coming to Hong Kong and what you need to achieve once there.

2.Know When To Travel

When traveling to Hong Kong, you are advised to make sure that you understand the right time to come here. The best time to come to Hong Kong is from September to Mid-December (autumn). This is the time when the weather here is at its best and it’s also the season when there are various events held in Hong Kong. There is low humidity – temperatures go up to 21 degrees Celsius in the evening and 27 degrees Celsius in the evening. There is low rainfall amid this season so bring some light clothing. 

Amid this season (September to Mid-December), it’s the best time to engage in outdoor tours. You can explore its beautiful island; scenic hiking trails e.g. new territories, Lamma Island, Peng Chau & Grass Island. Again, when coming to Hong Kong, know what you are coming to do in Hong Kong – this will determine the best time for your visit. 

3.Embrace Public Transport 

When you come to Hong Kong, make sure that you embrace the use of public transport other than private transport. This will not only save you on cost but also make you experience the fun you need. When traveling on public transport, you have better chances to meet local people -they will like when you do things as they do. Besides, public transport is considered the best mode of transport if you are traveling in groups. Whereas private modes of transport aren’t a bad option, they are only good if you prefer privacy or want to drive yourself around Hong Kong. Finding public transport isn’t anything hard – they are found at all corners of the city. You can travel by bus, trains, taxis, etc.

4.Book Your Accommodation in Time

When you come to Hong Kong, you don’t want to face the last frustrations – you want to have confidence that you will reside in a cool place. But there are more visitors (both local and international) coming to the same city! For that reason, you are advised to book your accommodation while you still have time. Booking accommodation in Hong Kong is pretty simple as you can do it while still at home. Simply search online for “the best Hong Kong accommodations” and Google will present countless results for you – filter according to the specific locations you want to tour. To be more comfortable, make sure that your accommodation offers everything you want. For instance, check that there are things such as Wi-Fi, power, security, easy access, etc. If you don’t want to do it online and still want to book your Hong Kong accommodation in advance, contact any friend (if any) and inquire with them regarding the best accommodations. Never wait to book when you land in Hong Kong particularly if you will be coming here amid the boom season (September – Mid December) 

5.Be Friendly to Hong Kong Locals

Ask those who have been here and there will honestly tell you – Hong Kong is a city known for its welcoming locals. When you come here, you will be welcomed warmly by happy faces – don’t turn them down. Try to make fruitful friendships with the people you meet here – they are the ones who will readily help in case you have disturbing or demanding issues. One thing you can do to make that friendship work is learning their local dialect. Most of the people you will encounter here (especially the locals) speak Cantonese – make efforts to learn some basics such as greetings. They will feel as if you are part of them if you approach them that way. 

6.Pack Adequately but Lightly 

There is nothing bad like forgetting your crucial things when touring Hong Kong. Your crucial items such as your identification documents, Visa (depending on your place of origin you may need a Visa card), Credit or Debit cards, etc. should never be left behind. You don’t want to find yourself in conflict with the local government so make sure you research everything and remember to pack it light. You are advised to pack light – the bigger the luggage you bring the more the burden and cost you are likely to have. Besides, a piece of bigger luggage will inconvenience you when it comes to transportation issues. Experts advise you to pack lightly but adequately – this means that you should not leave the key requirements and you should not bring too much. Remember you can always purchase extras in Hong Kong!

The Bottom Line

Planning your Hong Kong tour may not be an easier task particularly for a first-time visitor. There are many things to familiarize yourself with. Always do your research and refer to this guide the next time you will be coming to Hong Kong. Now that you know a little bit about the city, why don’t you plan your trip now? Book your flight with Cathay Pacific and be certain that you are about to land in your dream city – Hong Kong!