April 19, 2024

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For those who love to swim: here are the best beaches of Lake Orta

If you love diving, swimming and soaking, but don’t want to give up the pleasure of a holiday on the lake, know that by going to Orta you can reconcile the two. Orta San Giulio: hidden beauty someone would say, and how to blame him. Culture, entertainment, bathing are just some of the features to benefit from if you choose to take a holiday here. And if you are wondering where to swim on Lake Orta, know that you will only have to choose between shores, beaches and rivieras. 

Since 2014, Orta has been one of the 10 most bathing lakes in Europe and in particular it is the cleanest lake in Europe. Recommended for those looking for a holiday full of lush nature, sports, culture and local cuisine. Reach your favorite locations by ferry, enjoying the view and comfort that only the Public Service Navigation Consortium can offer.


The small gulf of Ortello is a small beach overlooking Lake Orta and part of the Municipality of Orta San Giulio. The gulf was in the past an ancient village of farmers and fishermen, which had developed in medieval times in the stretch of land that rises from the gulf of the same name along the slopes of the Sacro Monte.

As for the Bagnera, also in Orta, we are talking about a very large area, free of lawn, overlooking Lake Orta with a breathtaking view. It offers various services, including a restaurant, kiosk / bar and an area equipped for lovers of the real “beach life”. 


Immersed in the best landscape of Lake Orta, in Corconio, the Miami beach will conquer you and make your days of vacation and relaxation unique, thanks to the area equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas. To be enjoyed with friends, or with family, between the sun and the clear water of the lake, passing through the drinks and snacks kiosk. 

Last but not least you must absolutely take into consideration the Gozzano beach. And if anyone has never heard of it, know that it is a sunny basin of sand from morning to night. Free or equipped beach, with lake trampoline. Services, showers, bar and restaurant are guaranteed, for maximum comfort and to have everything that really makes the difference when you decide to go swimming.