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Choosing The Best Shower Water Filters to Remove Contaminants from the Water

There are several types of shower water filters on the market. Those with an NSF certification are good for people who react to chlorinated water. These filters are not fancy, but they remove chlorine and heavy metals. KDF 55 media is composed of a copper-zinc formula that reacts with chlorine, turning it into harmless water-soluble chloride. Berkey uses the highest-quality KDF 55 media. Its Full Flow design preserves water pressure, improving contact between the media and water.

The pH Energize filter.

The pH Energize filter is another excellent option. It features eight levels of filtration, including KDF for heavy metals. It also eliminates lead and other toxins. You can find a pH Energize filter by doing a little research online. Again, there are reviews available online.

Reduce chlorine and other chemicals

Some shower water filters are designed to reduce chlorine and other chemicals. If you’re looking for the best shower water filters for your home, look for a KDF filter. This type of filter is more efficient than standard filters. It doesn’t need to be replaced often. But it can be a good option for your family. The JUNYU Shower Water filter is another great option if you’re on a budget.

The Aqua Bliss Showerhead Filter

The Aqua Bliss Showerhead Filter is another option. This filter features a screw-on design, which makes it compatible with all types of showerheads. It can remove almost all the hard metals from the water without hassle. This shower filter uses a combination of KDF 55 and activated carbon to get rid of harmful chemicals effectively. This filter can eliminate up to 90% of common pollutants. The filter is easy to install and has a lifetime warranty.


Chloramines are the most prevalent contaminants in most shower water. The problem is only growing as more water departments switch to this disinfectant. Additionally, the heat generated by a storm creates significant amounts of airborne contaminants. The airborne chemicals can affect a person’s health more than if they drink unfiltered tap waters. Some health problems may result from exposure to airborne pollutants.

Remove contaminants from the water.

The next best shower water filter is the Aquabliss filter. These filters remove contaminants from the water and improve its quality. In addition, the filtration system releases nurturing elements that can help improve skin and hair conditions. Its predecessor was the best seller for a long time, but the 12-stage Aquabliss replaced it as the best seller. Its unique design energizes the water with minerals and oxygen. However, if you’re looking for the best shower water filters, you should look for a certified product.


Water filter eliminates scale and impurities from the water. Its filters also reduce dandruff and dry skin. And because they are affordable, they’re great for anyone’s bathroom. The Limia filter also comes with a warranty. Unlike other shower filters, this one lasts for twelve to sixteen months. After that, it’s essential to replace the filters regularly, but they should last for the same amount as the original.

Plastic filters are more durable than metal filters and are the best option if you want to match your bathroom’s decor. They won’t rust or peel over time, and they can be found in a wide variety of finishes. If you’re on a budget, plastic is an excellent choice. You can find a variety of styles in plastic and chrome versions. The best shower water filter will fit your style and make your home more beautiful.