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Top Restaurants At Eastern Mangroves Promenade

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The Eastern Mangroves Promenade is a popular spot in Abu Dhabi. It draws in enthusiastic crowds for all its offerings, from supermarket shopping to leisurely activities. 

However, the appeal around the restaurants here draws large amounts of interest. The range of Emirati cuisine available is rich and plentiful, but it is in the promenade where many exceptional dishes, and dining experiences, can be enjoyed. 

Other factors make up the restaurant extravaganza, such as comfort, views, and atmosphere. The waterfront tranquillity of the promenade will be felt by customers of every establishment here. Still, customer service is also hugely important and should be considered where applicable. 

With all of this in mind, here are the top restaurants at Eastern Mangroves Promenade. 


If you want to try gorgeous Mediterranean seafood while on the Eastern Mangroves Promenade, you must try only one establishment. The Flooka restaurant has it all, offering a Lebanese twist to their offerings too. 

You can elect to eat your seafood from ‘the day’s catch’, which is often caught by one of the founders themselves. This lends a different aspect of personalized service to the proceedings and also lends an element of spontaneity. 

You can also enjoy the spectacular sights of the Arabian Gulf outside. The interior is wonderfully arranged, too, with gleaming fish hung from the ceiling above all the diners. There’s a unique appeal that is unrivalled by anything else on Eastern Mangroves Promenade and indeed far beyond it. 

Café Blanc 

Sticking with the characterful nature of the Lebanese people, Café Blanc is another prime contender for being a top Eastern Mangroves Promenade restaurant. 

Café Blanc is part of a wide and popular chain of establishments, losing some originality points. However, the particular restaurant located here does help customers relax and enjoy some fine Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines in a relaxed fashion. 

The food comes in smaller portions and can be expensive. That said, some might argue for quality over quantity here, giving diners a more exquisite experience. Moreover, they’re paying for more than just food too. After all, exceedingly pleasant views of the water can be enjoyed here, so the chance to unwind is potent too. 


Peppermill is a restaurant chain that serves Indian food. It can be found in many places worldwide, but the Eastern Mangroves Promenade branch has a special quality. 

A regal ambience is created here – photos of Indian royalty line the walls, with culture and history playing important roles. Though delivery-only meal businesses are becoming more popular, the companies behind them lose charisma in vapid cyberspace. It’s a charisma that places like Peppermill have. 

The establishment boldly attempts to also go beyond standard Indian traditions. There is a casual dining atmosphere, so you do not need to get dressed up to match the elegant décor. The recipes used are inventive and break away from tradition slightly to cater to each customer’s tastes. Peppermill experiments well but does not lose its Indian authenticity in the process. 

Of course, any restaurant that performs this balancing act so well is worth investigating, if only to see how they manage to pull it all off. Contrasting ideas are at work in multiple places here, yet somehow everything comes together in an intriguing cohesion.