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The Chelsea ‘flea’ and me: memories of the well known New York current market

For 4 decades, a parking garage, festering and fetid, in Chelsea, a neighbourhood in Manhattan, drew crowds that provided Andy Warhol, Susan Sontag, Catherine Deneuve, Michael Jackson, artwork sellers, junk dealers (both of those forms), manner editors, models, ravers leaving nearby clubs at 6am and poets.

The attraction was a flea market place of brilliantly odd suppliers and their objects. They are the matter of my memoir The Golden Flea. In the summer time of 2014, the garage shut but numerous of the suppliers moved down 25th Road to a parking great deal involving Sixth Avenue and Broadway. The marketplace lost its lease in December 2019, but as of September it is open up Saturdays and Sundays.

The garage experienced two flooring. On just about every, 25 to 30 booths ran alongside the brick partitions, and 20 booths had been established up in the centre. In all, there have been 100 distributors, supplying paintings, lithographs and pictures, ceramic vases, silver trays, products of ancient ships from museum gift stores, boxes of cufflinks, sports memorabilia. And in the course of there have been stacks of crumbling newspapers and journals.

Oil and gasoline pooled on the flooring from the cars and trucks parked and serviced in the parking garage through the week. When it rained drastically, shards of paint and filth fell on to the booths and sewage backed up through the drains. Fluorescent lights and asbestos hung loosely from the ceiling, and nails protruded from the partitions, hammered there by distributors to display paintings.

With no warmth, suppliers warmed themselves with coffee and levels of coats. However, the concrete walls seemed capable of withstanding any assault, and the pipes that lined the walls did perfectly as supports for vintage garments, tablecloths, stall signs and something else that couldn’t in good shape on the crowded floors.

The Chelsea flea market took shape in the 1970s and 1980s with an influx of underground clubs, artists and writers and became one of the largest in the US
The Chelsea flea current market took shape in the 1970s and 1980s with an influx of underground clubs, artists and writers and turned one of the biggest in the US © Alamy Stock Photo

Outside of the garage was a constellation of open up-air parking plenty, which had been also rented out to vendors on the weekends. There had been three large heaps on Sixth Avenue in between 23rd and 27th Streets. Down Sixth Avenue, among 16th and 17th Streets, was a different ton this was the smallest of the heaps and was, usually, the very last that a buyer would go to.

On 25th Road, future to a significant church (when Episcopalian, now Serbian), was another parking great deal used as a flea current market on the weekends. Edith Wharton (then Edith Jones) was married in the church.

People to specified plenty on Sixth Avenue ended up necessary to pay a fee to get in, normally a dollar. The large amount up coming to the church demanded the very same. If, nevertheless, you preferred to get in just before 9am, the price was $5. Early entry meant that the purchaser would get a initially search at what was becoming marketed. Some loads opened as early as 5 or six in the morning. Sellers who arrived at that time traded merchandise with each other.

A concentration of art, furniture and antiques in New York means that inevitably some valuable objects emerge at Chelsea
A focus of artwork, home furniture and antiques in New York suggests that inevitably some valuable objects arise at Chelsea © Alamy Inventory Photograph

In the 1970s and 1980s, as the garment business evaporated, a cataract of underground golf equipment, artists, writers and junkies flowed into the neighbourhood. At the exact time, with the price tag of true estate growing in the West Village, gays and lesbians moved into Chelsea, which was nearby and much more cost-effective. Homosexual bars and sex shops stuffed Seventh and Eighth Avenues. Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith took up residence in the Chelsea Resort in 1969.

The flea industry was a meeting location for the various teams filling Chelsea: unusual yet reasonably priced objects could be observed to fill their residences, artists took inspiration from the accidental combinations of objects, and those people who ended up leaving the golf equipment and bars in the early morning experienced a spot to go just before returning dwelling.

Persons dressed in outlandish costume just to show up at the flea marketplace. It was a position to display and produce oneself, a diorama of drag and exoticism.

Stories of treasures uncovered at Chelsea include a Picasso sculpture, photographs by Diane Arbus, a painting by Basquiat, a lamp designed by Alberto Giacometti
Tales of treasures uncovered at Chelsea involve a Picasso sculpture, photographs by Diane Arbus, a portray by Basquiat, a lamp designed by Alberto Giacometti © Getty Visuals

Suppliers, irrespective of whether in the garage, open up lots or transformed properties of Chelsea, paid a cost to provide their items. Those people who did not would like to pay back a charge could established up on the sidewalk on Sixth Avenue amongst 23rd and 25th Streets. This constellation of next-hand markets was acknowledged by New Yorkers and to a host of others as “the flea”.

A lot of who arrived had been acquainted with very similar markets in Paris and London, and many were sellers. It may perhaps have been one particular of the largest flea marketplaces in The usa. It was certainly among the finest identified, and widely regarded for the treasures to be observed there.

In the 1920s, the Surrealist writer André Breton was strolling each day as a result of the Paris flea marketplaces, which he refers to in Nadja and L’Amour Fou. Gentleman Ray designed sculptures from what he identified in flea marketplaces, including the neck of a double bass.

With its deracinated objects and their surprising juxtapositions, the flea woke up the brain to new impressions of the environment. The exact ambiance was found in the Chelsea flea, and it drew a very similar group.

People dressed in outlandish costume just to attend the flea market. It was a place to display and create oneself, a diorama of drag and exoticism
‘People dressed in outlandish costume just to go to the flea market place. It was a spot to display and build oneself, a diorama of drag and exoticism’ © Getty Illustrations or photos

Extra recently, for “pickers” — these who buy and then resell to a gallery, collector or more than the world-wide-web — the Chelsea flea was the most enjoyable, most rewarding flea current market in the state. The reason is that the focus of artwork, furnishings and antiques in New York makes the chance that worthwhile objects will, with some regularity, turn up. 

Not prolonged in the past, the British journalist Anthony Haden-Visitor found that his artwork assortment experienced been sold off by a New York company when he was late in having to pay $1,350 in storage fees. This is a frequent path objects consider to the flea. The collection bundled paintings by David Salle and Donald Baechler. A David Salle a short while ago sold for approximately $1m. 

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Tales of treasures uncovered in the flea were being numerous: a Picasso sculpture, images by Diane Arbus, a painting by Basquiat, and a lamp created by Alberto Giacometti.

One picker told me she supported herself by digging through the piles of costume jewelry at the flea, being aware of that in every pile there was a modest but constant percentage of rings, necklaces and bracelets in genuine gold or silver. 

Many in the flea termed me a collector. To individuals outside the flea, a hoarder. But neither time period appeared proper. The time period hoarder unquestionably did not pretty define the individuals I’d encountered at the flea. The operate of the two conditions, it appeared to me, was not descriptive but social, to warn all those in society from straying far too considerably into the attract of objects.

An introductory and idiosyncratic guideline to flea markets

A vendor at Portobello flea market, London, in the 1970s
A seller at Portobello flea market place, London, in the 1970s © Alamy Stock Photo

Know your sellers

For mates and preferred clients, a seller will frequently not only set apart objects but, all through the week, will glimpse for objects in estates and somewhere else that those shoppers gather. Vendors not often have all their choices at the flea market place, with lots of trying to keep the increased share in storage services. If you are welcoming with a vendor, they may well let you into individuals services. Finally, a vendor with whom you are friendly will give you a value on objects that is not out there to others.

Know your pickers

Pickers are those people at the flea sector who are acquiring to resell to sellers or on-line. The value of the picker is that he or she will have skills in a unique issue, which indicates that if you are seeking to detect an obscure mark on a ceramic plate or to determine whether or not a portray is from the 17th century or a copy, or if you are wondering no matter if a necklace is actual or costume, a picker ought to be equipped to give you an immediate solution. To uncover the suitable picker, request a seller.

French singer France Gall in a New York flea market, 1970s
French singer France Gall in a New York flea sector, 1970s © Paris Match by means of Getty Images

Turnover ought to be healthier

The measurement of a flea market is considerably less vital than the frequency with which the objects in the flea sector turnover. The ideal flea market place has a superior amount of turnover, maximising the probability that you will find the objects you are searching for and minimising the time that the vendor has to comprehend what they are promoting.

The random aspect

Flea marketplaces have intrinsic dispositions, so whilst you may enter selected of what you want to come across, let the flea current market to introduce you to new and a lot more fruitful groups. Also, one particular of the fascinations of the flea current market, as the Surrealists pointed out, is the random juxtaposition of objects — it is a dreamscape, opening the mind to new and poetic regions. Get a notebook.

Flaws mean discount rates

For people acquiring classic apparel, make particular that zippers work, that there are no moth holes, and that don on the sleeves and collars is small. Any of these, pointed out to the seller, should really induce the seller to drop the price tag.

Michael Rips’ memoir “The Golden Flea: A Story of Obsession and Collecting” is printed by Daunt Books (£9.99)

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