July 23, 2024

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Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown – The First 5-start Boutique Hotel in Dubai

Here’s my first-time experience at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown during my second visit to Dubai.

Aaaaand I’m back in Dubai! I’ve been to Dubai before, but it’s so pretty that you would always want to return. Plus, my visit this time is more memorable and meaningful since I held my meet-up here with my readers (thank you so much to all of you! I’m really grateful for meeting you all!)

Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown The First 5 start Boutique Hotel in Dubai

This meetup wouldn’t happen if not for Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown who hosted me for 2 days and 1 night and let me have my meetup here.

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About Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown

Guess what? Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown is the 1st 5-star Boutique Hotel in Dubai WITH an Art Gallery! How cool, right? It’s like staying at a hotel without getting bored because of its Art Gallery and other hotel highlights!

We only stayed in Hotel Indigo for 2 days and 1 night (since we only had a stopover in Dubai), so it’s definitely not enough. BUT, I’m very much grateful to share with you my amazing experience with them— from the friendly staff to the delicious food and lavish rooms, everything in Hotel Indigo is superb! 

Rooms at Hotel Indigo

We stayed at the Junior Suite for 1 night and it was amazing! Rooms in Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown have a culturally-inspired design plus a lavish bathroom that is very spacious. Our room was really luxurious and wide, the glass wall made it even better as the view outside is purely stunning!

Even though we only stayed for a night, we still got the chance to swim, haha! Make sure to always make time for relaxation guys! It’s also difficult to resist swimming in the pool as it was hot when we visited Dubai (it was almost the summer season in the Middle East during our visit.)

Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown The First 5 start Boutique Hotel in Dubai

Art Tours and Exhibits in Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown

As I’ve mentioned above, there is an art gallery at the hotel, the Art Tours and Exhibits. There are more than 200 artworks here for you to see! It was made to introduce the art, design, stories, and histories of the hotel to the guests. Even if you’re not really into arts and exhibits, a detour here is worth the time. 

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit here because we only had a very limited time. But at least we still have a good reason to go back!

Restaurants at the Hotel

There are two dining options to choose from; Open Sesame and Off the Wall. Open Sesame is a restaurant, while Off the Wall is a Bar. 

Open Sesame

At Open Sesame, you’ll get to choose from a wide variety of cuisine inspired by Mediterranean dishes. They also have coffees at the Café Rider Custom Roastery offering the finest locally roasted specialty coffee in Dubai

Off the Wall

If you’re into bars and lounges, then make your way to Off the Wall. It’s a cocktail bar inspired by the culture clash of nearby Al Satwa. The richness of the drinks with a touch of traditional flavor can be enjoyed here while looking at the beautiful artwork made by local artists. 

Some other Bars and Lounges you can visit:

  • Orange Feels Bar and Shisha Lounge
  • Bakala Jooos Juice Bar and Concept Store

“Good to be back.” That was my thought the moment I arrived in Dubai. It is the new version of me, so it feels like a new adventure at the same place but at a different time. Met new amazing people, and stayed at a gorgeous and the first 5-star boutique hotel in Dubai, what more can I ask for? Hmm, maybe more time? Haha! I only stayed in Dubai for a few days so I need to be back anytime soon! Hopefully, you can also visit Dubai and when that time comes, make sure to book your stay at Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown. Ciao!