December 4, 2022

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Dalata announces sale of Clayton Crown Hotel, London

Dalata announces sale of Clayton Crown Lodge, London

Dalata announces sale of Clayton Crown Hotel, London

Dalata Resort Team plc (“Dalata” or “the Company”), the most significant resort operator in Eire, with a rising presence in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, announces that it has signed contracts for the sale of the Clayton Crown Resort, London, and the underlying company, to a firm controlled by AG Motels Team (“the Purchaser”), for a income thought of about £21 million (“the Transaction”). The transfer of the business enterprise is scheduled to finish by late June 2022.

The Clayton Crown Hotel, a 152-bed room four-star hotel, positioned in Cricklewood, London NW2, has always done effectively, but was no longer deemed a core lodge asset with the Company’s escalating strategic focus on central areas. The thing to consider represents outstanding price for Dalata and the proceeds will be reinvested in the small business.

This Transaction is a transfer of a heading problem, having said that the Clayton branding is not involved as section of the arrangement. On completion of the contracts, the resort will no longer have any contractual romance with the Organization.

Dermot Crowley, CEO, Dalata explained: “I would like to acquire this opportunity to thank the workforce at Clayton Crown Resort for the major contribution they have designed since the lodge was acquired as element of the Moran Bewley acquisition in 2015.

This Transaction represents outstanding value and will support us in our continued aim on securing central possibilities in appealing cities of the British isles and continental Europe. London proceeds to be a precedence for Dalata, and we search forward to opening our new resort in Shoreditch in the next half of 2023.

Our instant aim now, will be to communicate with our personnel and assist them with the transition. We will be retaining the resort administration inside the Enterprise all other staff will have the option to implement for vacant positions in just Dalata or they can pick to continue being in their present-day roles in the hotel.

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