July 16, 2024

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Big Freedia Reveals Plans To Open A Boutique Hotel And Eatery In NOLA

Known worldwide as one of the biggest names in New Orleans Bounce Music, Big Freedia recently announced she will soon open her own boutique hotel in the famous French Quarter.

In an interview with Essence, the queen of bounce said that the hotel only will have three hotel rooms and a restaurant will also be connected to it.

“People will have a chance to come in, taste Freedia’s recipes, and get the whole full New Orleans bounce experience,” Big Freedia told Essence. “It will be a place where people can come if they want to have a cup of coffee in the morning and do some work on their computer, it will also be a great event space for people to come and have dinner.”

The rapper emphasized that her hotel will also turn into a club space. There, people will be able to party and see a concert, adding that during the events, the pool will become a dance floor for the guests

“So many things will happen at Hotel Freedia that will definitely have all the locals and tourists stopping by to see what’s happening.”

Because of her cultural identification with NOLA, Big Freedia, is taking part in a campaign produced by Jägermeister. Named “Local Snapshot”, she will talk about her favorite spots for people to get to know NOLA more in depth.

The campaign promoted by the German liquor company aims to link artists deeply immersed in the culture of their hometowns. And New Orleans truly offers countless places for tourists to enjoy, have fun and be enriched by its magnificent culture, history, architecture, and cuisine.

“We open our doors to people to come here to visit and to hang out in New Orleans and feel the music, the culture, the food, and most importantly, the people who make up the city, and our southern hospitality,” Freedia said. “All those components make up New Orleans, and it’s such a great place, there’s no place like it in the world.”

Café Du Monde, Jamnola, Claiborne street, and Frenchmen Street are some places in New Orleans that Big Freedia recommended going in the interview with Essence.

“Jamnola features things like a crawfish pot that you can stand in, and all types of beading on the floor of the museum. There are big statues of myself, Lil Wayne, and Louis Armstrong. Frenchmen Street, which is a little further back in the Quarter, there are a lot of local venues that play all types of music. You might have a bounce concert going on Frenchmen, you might have a Jazz concert going on Frenchmen,” Big Freedia said.

There is no word on when Hotel Freedia will officially open, but we will keep you posted once details are announced.