July 16, 2024

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20 last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that don’t require shipping

These are the best last-minute gifts for mom.

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9—but don’t worry if you haven’t gotten a gift yet. While it’s probably too late to order some of the gifts mom actually wants, you can still get her a pretty amazing gift thanks to two-day shipping and immediate virtual gift cards. Thankfully for you, you’ll still be able to get mom an incredible gift—without worrying about it not arriving in time.

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Below are the 20 best last-minute Mother’s Day gifts for Mom with no shipping, including an Amazon Explore virtual class, a Bouqs flower subscription, and a gift card to Home Chef. Whether you email your gift or have it delivered directly to her (or your) door, you’ll be able to show Mom how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day (and let’s be honest, every other day of the year, too).

1. For the celebrity-obsessed: A personalized Cameo

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Cameo

What do you get the mom who loves all things reality TV and celebrities? A personalized Cameo video from her favorite star, for starters. Cameo has an impressive selection of options, from TikTok stars to celebrities from reality TV, so you can really choose her favorite. Warning: each video is completely unscripted— it’s up to the creator to choose what to say—so it’s recommended to watch some of their sample videos to get a taste of their style. We tested Cameo and can honestly say it’s a sweet way to show someone (in this instance, mom), that you appreciate their interests.

Get a personalized Cameo video starting at $5

2. For the one who loves new recipes: A Home Chef gift card

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Home Chef

If she’s always telling you she wants to learn to cook, the gift of a meal kit subscription will be greatly appreciated. Our favorite meal kit food delivery service is Home Chef. Aside from the high-quality ingredients, it comes with, it also has tons of user-friendly recipes that are easy to follow. No need to worry—she’ll be cooking up a storm in no time!

Get a Home Chef Gift Card starting at $65

3. For the lifelong learner: An All-Access Pass to MasterClass

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Masterclass All Access Pass

Does mom literally have it all? Try gifting her an All-Access Pass to MasterClass to learn (or brush up on) some new skills. She can take classes from some of her favorite celebrities on practically any topic, like pastry making with Dominique Ansel, Makeup with Bobbi Brown, or photography with Annie Leibovitz. In fact, our editor-in-chief has used MasterClass and says the classes are super interesting and self-paced so he can learn on his own time.

Give an All-Access Pass from MasterClass for $15 per month

4. For the mom obsessed with flowers: A Bouqs subscription

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Bouqs subscription

Fresh flowers at Mom’s doorstep will never be cliché, even on Mother’s Day. Instead of settling for the once-a-year Mother’s Day bouquet, opt for gifting her a subscription to Bouqs. She’ll gush over the beautiful florals that arrive at her door every month and you’ll officially become the favorite child. If monthly flowers are too much, you can always change the frequency along with the type of blooms they receive—anything from romantic roses to vibrant sunflowers. Also, you don’t just have to send flowers for Mother’s Day—mom will appreciate them always.

5. For the mom who loves cooking: An Amazon Explore virtual class

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Amazon Explore Virtual Cooking Class

Your mom is already a great chef so why not gift her the opportunity of learning how to cook something new? Insert: An Amazon Explore virtual class. It allows you to choose from a bevy of live cooking classes—ranging from macaron making to an empanada class, and beyond—that she can do from the comfort of her own home. We tested it and loved all the classes due to their awesome instructors and delicious ​results. Plus, mom can choose to do the class (or classes) alone or with you as a bonding activity.

6. For the wine-loving mom: A Winc subscription

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Winc

Hear me out: Mom won’t have anything bad to say about a couple of bottles of delicious wine showing up at her door every month. This is precisely why a wine subscription would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Like clockwork, each month, she’ll get personalized wine recommendations based on a flavor quiz she takes. They’re a wide selection of wines—like reds, whites, and sparking bottles—so no need to worry about her not finding wine she loves. According to our tester, the wines are all delicious so she’ll definitely want to continue the subscription once your gift runs out.

Get a 3-Month Winc Subscription from Winc for $150

7. For the Disney mom: A Disney+ subscription

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Disney+

Although your annual trip to Disney might be canceled, you can still experience the Disney magic at home by rewatching your favorite Disney movies. With a Disney+ subscription, she’ll have access to more than 7,500 episodes and over 500 films with a vast selection of genres. Grab the popcorn because she’ll want to have a movie night, every night.

Get Disney+ for $7.99 per month

8. For the wannabe detective: A Hunt a Killer subscription

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Hunt A Killer Subscription

Hunt A Killer, a unique subscription box, is a great gift idea for the mom who loves all things mysteries (and, maybe sometimes pretends to be a detective herself). Each box (also called a season) is composed of six boxes that’ll give her clues as to who committed the crime. At the end of each season, her job is to piece together the clues and solve the crime. Aside from garnering our seal of approval, it’ll be a fun activity for her to do alone or together with you.

Get 6 episodes of Hunt A Killer for $165

9. For the reader: A Book of the Month subscription

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Book of the Month subscription

Since she loves to read, why not get her books to enjoy? With a Book of The Month Subscription, she’ll be able to decide if she wants one (or more) of the five featured books—then they’ll deliver her selections to her door. Aside from their affordable pricing, the subscription also vets all the books and sometimes gets early releases.

Get a Book of The Month Subscription for 3 months for $49.99

10. For the dog mom: A Kong Box subscription

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Kong Box

Searching for the pawfect gift for the dog mom? A Kong Box is precisely the gift she wants. Upon signing up, she’ll enter the concerns for her pup—i.e boredom, anxiety, weight management, the latter—so they can personalize the box. Then, every month she’ll receive a box with the famous Kong training toy, a personality toy, and three types of treats. Our tester loved how it was tailored specifically to their pup and how it didn’t repeat any toys (although, it does repeat treats). Don’t worry, the dog mom in your life will love the selection and her pup will be excited, too.

11. For the one with a sweet tooth: A Candy Club shipment

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Candy Club

Sour belts, chocolates, gummies—oh my! If mom has quite the sweet tooth, she’ll appreciate a Candy Club box. You can choose to have a Fun Box (six, 6-ounce candy cups) or a Party Box (six, 13-ounce candy cups) arrive at her door every month with a specially curated selection of candy—ranging from nostalgic favorites to popular new treats. Warning: her sweet tooth will probably get stronger.

Get a Candy Club subscription for $29.99+ per month

12. For the tea lover: Sips By subscription

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Sips Tea Subscription

If your mom is always drinking some sort of tea, you should probably consider getting her a tea subscription for Mother’s Day. With the subscription, she’ll receive a total of four teas per box—about 15 cups of tea—along with detailed flavor descriptions and instructions on how to brew them. Here at Reviewed, we tested it and are certain it makes the perfect gift to warm their mugs month after month.

13. For the coffee-obsessed mom: An Angels’ Cup coffee subscription

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Angels' Coffee Subscription

Is your mom always raving about new coffee brands and flavors? If you’re thinking absolutely, the best gift to give her is an Angels’ cup coffee subscription. The interactive blind tasting experience, adventurous coffee offerings, and beautiful presentation are just some of the reasons why we love it and they’ll love it, too.

Give the Angels’ Cup Coffee Subscription for $59.97/month

14. For the caffeine aficionado: A Virtual coffee tasting

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Virtual Coffee Tasting

Coffee dates with mom are fun, but how about doing one from the comfort of your own home? A virtual coffee tasting will provide you with just that—and more. We love the Driftaway coffee tasting as it’s really interactive and comes with four different varieties of beans to try. It also has a small yet intimate class where you can really learn how to appreciate the coffee-making process while drinking delicious coffee.

15. For the recipe-lover: A subscription to New York Times cooking

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: New York Times Cooking

Cookbooks are great, but this year it’s time to change things up. Mom will absolutely adore a subscription to New York Times Cooking as it’ll provide her with access to 19,000+ recipes, easy-to-follow cooking guides, and video tutorials. She’ll have the chance to try new recipes and perfect her old favorites. Best part? You’ll get to be her taste tester.

Get a subscription to New York Times cooking for $40 a year

16. For the mom ready to travel again: An Airbnb gift card

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Airbnb gift card

Airbnb has made travel more convenient, easier, and affordable—which is why the mom ready to embark on a travel journey will love it. This Mother’s Day, you can gift her an Airbnb gift card so she can head to the Airbnb of her choosing. They have domestic and international locations ranging from luxurious to just the necessities, so she can dip her toes in the water stateside or internationally (if the laws allow). One thing is certain, she’ll experience a new place and make memories.

Purchase an Airbnb Giftcard starting at $25

17. For the one obsessed with audiobooks: An Audible subscription

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Audible

Is mom always listening to audiobooks or does she avoid it altogether? If you answered the latter, a subscription to audible will make her experience much more enjoyable. At an affordable price per month, the subscription provides will provide her with over 470,000 audiobooks that can be accessed on practically any device—including smartphones, tablets, and computers. She’ll be able to use it anywhere and will truly never run out of listening options.

18. For the one who loves food: A Goldbelly package

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Goldbelly

Listen: if she loves food, but doesn’t love making it, a Goldbelly package is what she needs. She can order from her favorite places—regardless of how close or far—and eat her highly craved dishes from the comfort of her own home. Here at Reviewed, we tested the service and love how you can have dishes from all-over delivered​ right to your door. While it can’t replace in-person dining, it’s a great way to support your all-time favorite restaurants—even if they are halfway across the country.

Get a Goldbelly meal kit starting at $25

19. For the one who wants to learn a new language: Babbel

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: Babbel

If your mom has always dreamt of learning a new language, then it’s time to gift her Babbel. Each course is personalized by her interests and molded into bite-sized​ lessons so she can easily learn at her own pace. It’s a great budget-friendly option for diving into a new language. In fact, we tested it and can confirm that it’s a great language learning tool.

Try Babbel starting at $12.95 per month

20. For the one who spends all her money at Sephora: A Boxycharm subscription

Best Last-Minute Mother's Day Gift: BoxyCharm

Does your mom spend tons of money at Sephora trying the latest and greatest products? If your nodding your head yes, a BoxyCharm subscription is the perfect gift for her. It’s one of our favorite beauty subscription boxes because it’s customizable with matching products to the subscriber’s preferences and arrives with a variety of (full-size) products from high-end brands.

Get the BoxyCharm subscription for $25 a month

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