July 14, 2024

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Tuesday morning news briefing: Heatwave crisis mode

Nominations for the election open and near right now, with candidates demanding the help of 20 fellow MPs to make it on to the ballot – a hurdle some of the 11 hoping to stand may possibly wrestle to prevail over and could be forced out by tomorrow night. 

Would-be leaders will have to reveal what action they would choose on tax cuts, the net zero agenda and trans issues if they entered Range 10. 

Political correspondent Nick Gutteridge points out where each and every prospect who has so much declared their intention to run stands on the important issues established to dominate the struggle to replace Boris Johnson. 

Tim Stanley testimonials their marketing campaign films, including a single that he thinks seems to be as if it was filmed by the MP’s mother. Some Tories are undecided on whether they will stand, including Priti Patel who – at the time of creating – was nonetheless wavering on launching a bid.

‘Mo Farah is not my title. I was trafficked’

Sir Mo Farah has told his life tale a great number of occasions: how he arrived in the Uk as a boy with his mother and brothers, to stay with a father who was currently right here. However that account was false. 

The reality, in accordance to the Olympic winner, is that he was trafficked to this state as a nine-yr-outdated by a stranger who, he claims, forced him into domestic servitude. 

The name “Mohamed Farah” was stolen from a further boy or girl and used to make a bogus passport. 

Anita Singh tells the astonishing story, which is the subject matter of a BBC One documentary.

Day by day dose of Matt

In today’s cartoon, Matt finds a connection concerning the heatwave and Tory management campaign. For a weekly at the rear of-the-scenes appear at Matt’s function, signal up for his publication.

Also in the information: Modern other headlines

Distant encounters of the initial type | Nasa’s James Webb Area Telescope has captured the deepest and sharpest infrared picture of the distant universe to date. Recognised as Webb’s To start with Deep Discipline, this image of galaxy cluster SMacs 0723 features hundreds of galaxies – such as the faintest objects ever noticed in infrared. Perspective the picture from the telescope that is designed to peer back so much that researchers can get a glimpse of the dawn of the universe, about 13.7 billion decades ago.

Around the environment: Inside of Sri Lankan palace protest

Three times following hundreds of protesters scaled the partitions of Sri Lanka’s presidential palace in Colombo, its doorways have been thrown open up to thousands additional people today who have since taken up home in the colonial setting up. Now the de facto rulers are hoping to impose get on squatters exercising in the gymnasium, swimming in the pool and lying in the presidential bed. Qadijah Irshad visits even though the occasion is in full swing.