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The wonderful of Lake Orta

 Despite being the smallest of the pre-Alpine lakes, Lake Orta is among the most suggestive and interesting in northern Italy. It is located a short distance from both Milan and Turin and for this reason it can be the ideal destination for a day trip to discover the quiet Orta lake 

WONDERFUL TOUR This tour of this lake at the foot of Monte Rosa will leave you speechless, admiring freely both the landscapes and the small villages lying along its shores. Although you may have limited time available, you can stop anywhere to admire a glimpse or a particular panorama and do not risk being disappointed by what you will see. Orta San Giulio, the village of reference on the lake, can be reached in about an hour from Milan and from there you can leave for a fantastic tour. 


The path to be covered is about 40 kilometers and it is quite easy. Starting from Omegna you can reach the village of Orta San Giulio which is 10 kilometers away. It gives its name to the lake and is a lovely holiday resort, to be discovered calmly, leaving the motorbike at the designated parking lots and strolling along its small streets which are the setting for elegant Baroque palaces. Many, in fact, are the buildings erected between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries as well as it is possible to admire some valuable religious architecture, such as the church of Santa Maria Assunta. The real pearl of the lake, however, is represented by the island of San Giulio, which can be reached from Orta, by boat, in no time. On this strip of land is the basilica, where the remains of San Giulio, the bishop’s palace and the beautiful Benedictine abbey Mater Ecclesiae, a cloistered convent are kept.


 Also not to be missed is the Sacro Monte, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, where there are 22 chapels, each of which dedicated to an episode from the life of the saint. This location dominates the entire lake from above and offers breathtaking views. After leaving Orta San Giulio, take the path towards Pella, skirting the lake. Here you can enjoy the natural beauty that will always remain etched in your memories. Not far from Orta San Giulio, in the Bagnara hamlet, you can stop at the small beach and take advantage of a nice swim. Finally, continuing south, you get to Gozzano and from here, you can then go to Pella, in about 30 minutes covering a 15 km route.