May 18, 2024

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Restaurants’ Recommendations Serve Various Cuisines in Singapore

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Singapore is known as one of the busiest island countries in Southeast Asia. Even though this country is small compared to any other Southeast Asia country, it can be said that Singapore handles an important thing regarding the cycle of economic business on this area of the Asia continent.

Since there are so many people coming to Singapore, no wonder you could easily find the best hotels in Singapore, that offer various facilities which range from the cheapest to the most expensive one. If you are looking for a stay in night accommodation while in Singapore, Traveloka Hotel might become your first reference to find one.

Because Singapore is becoming a place where people from different races come together, it will become a piece of cake for you to find restaurants or places to eat that serve various cuisines, from western to eastern, from the cheapest to the luxurious.

Here are some restaurants’ recommendations that serve various cuisines in Singapore.

  1. Shivam Restaurant

The first restaurant recommendation comes from a restaurant that serves Indian, Asian, and vegetarian-friendly food that is located at 87 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207666 Singapore.

This restaurant serves authentic Indian food and also serves food from Italian to Mexican, which has great scores from the guests. Not only vegan friendly, this restaurant also serves food for vegan and also gluten free options. Such a great choice for people who are on a certain diet.

Indian food is their specialty, and most of the guests are satisfied with the tastes of the Indian food this restaurant sells. Not only that, this restaurant also serves Indian food for vegetarian people, which makes it different options you can choose.

The hospitality offered is also great, and this restaurant has a great ambience that suits the time spent with family or business partners.

  1. Entre-Nous creperie

The next one is a restaurant that offers specialties for European food, especially French and also great for people in diet programs. This restaurant is located at 27 Seah Street # 01-01, Singapore 188383 Singapore.

Not only serves European food, Entre-Nous creperie also serves vegetarian friendly, vegan options, and gluten free options. If you are looking for an authentic taste of French crepes, this place is the best thing to visit in Singapore. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Le Petit Chef – Singapore

Looking for a fine dining place to spend the time with a beloved one? Then, Le Petit Chef – Singapore, must be included in your go-to restaurants during your time in Singapore. The specialties of this restaurant are Chinese, Indian, and also Asian food.

Many people are satisfied with the service served by Le Petit Chef – Singapore. Not only that, this restaurant also suits to visit with family, to have a better experience in a fine dining restaurant. The memories you have experienced will become unforgettable beautiful memories.

  1. Merci Marcel Orchard

A restaurant that offers great ambience that could relax your mind is everything you need whenever you are feeling exhausted. Merci Marcel Orchard is one of the restaurants in Singapore that is ready to serve you with a relaxing and calming ambience.

The specialties this restaurant offers is European food. This restaurant also has a bar where you can spend your time talking with your friends joyfully. French food is their signature. This restaurant also has choices for vegetarian friendly, vegan options, and gluten free options for those of you who have a diet program or are allergic to certain foods. 

These are some restaurant recommendations you can visit during your time in Singapore. Feeling interested yet? Don’t forget to book your ticket flight to Singapore only from Traveloka. This all-in-one application also serves as a book room for your stay at night in Singapore.

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